From Quick-Serve Canned Foods to Squeezable Sour Cream Tubes

 - May 21, 2016
Whether it is a can, a bottle or a tube, the May 2016 packaging trends reveal an emphasis on both portability and convenience. This approach is not only being applied to new food products, but also to familiar items that are now being packaged in unexpected ways.

In terms of portability, many brands are packaging their products in single-serve containers that are easy to take on the go. One example is NINES Dressing, which comes in individual cups that provide a portable alternative to traditional bottles. Another example is Stoats' single-serve porridge sachets, which allow consumers to take a package of instant oatmeal to go.

In addition to portability, the May 2016 packing trends also reveal an emphasis on convenience. This is particularly evident when it comes to bottled products that are now being packaged in squeezable tubes for easy distribution. Some examples of squeezable packaging include Heinz ready-made sauces, Naturally More's nut butters and Daisy Brand's sour cream.