Shine Organics' Combines the Purest Produce and Micronutrients

 - Apr 2, 2016
References: shineorganics & trndmonitor
Purify, Calm, Elevate and Revive are the names of four Shine Organics products, as well as descriptors of what each of its purees promises to do for the body.

These all-organic superfood purees are made with a selection of pure fruits and vegetables in order to provide extremely nourishing ways to fuel up while on the go. With ingredients like kale, chia seeds, coconut, wheatgrass and turmeric, these portable pouches are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. The organic fruit and vegetable blends that make up each product are also clearly listed on the front of each package, which is satisfying to consumers who like simple ingredient lists and want to know exactly what they're consuming.

Beyond taking care to exclude artificial flavors and any GMO ingredients, Shine Organics' puree pouches are made from BPA-free packaging.