From Pulpy Carbonated Fruit Drinks to Honey-Infused Sodas

 - Dec 16, 2016
Sodas are no stranger to the drinks market but there is much more to be found than the Coca Cola variety – as long as consumers take the time to look. Patterns in this industry can range from fruity flavors to infusions of unexpected ingredients.

'Lila Pulp' is a range of carbonated drinks that are flavored with various fruits, with citrus-related flavors like lemonade, grapefruit and orange. The most interesting aspect of these sodas is that they actually contain pulp from the fruits they are made with – giving them a more fresh and health-focused appeal than most other sodas on the market.

The brand 'Humble Honey Soda' takes after its name with the infusion of two spoonfuls of honey into each of its bottles. The sodas are also charitable, as the purchase of one case leads to the funding and development of a bee hive.