This Healthy Soda Alternative is Made with Water Kefir Grains

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: kefirpop & kickstarter
'KPOP' is a Kickstarter-funded soda alternative that is made from water kefir grains. In recent years, consumers have begun demanding healthier alternatives to sugary sodas. This drink combines the benefits of probiotics with the refreshing taste of carbonated water to provide a nutritious alternative to soda.

KPOP is a handcrafted beverage that is brewed with water kefir grains and lightly fermented. The drink is then lightly carbonated to recreate the fizzy taste of soda. Unlike most sodas, the drink is completely free from corn syrup, GMOs and artificial colors. In addition to its healthy probiotic properties, the drink is also low in calories. As a result, KPOP is provides a healthy, vegan-friendly alternative to soda or beer.

With eight fun flavors to choose from, the handcrafted beverage is ideal for health-conscious consumers looking for a substitute for soda.