From Beachy Bath Products to Savory Summertime Sodas

 - Oct 31, 2016
While California's infamous surfer culture is nothing new, the laid back lifestyle and beachy aesthetic has recently resurfaced as an influence for packaging designs. Indeed, with surfing set to make its debut as an Olympic sport in 2020, these water-oriented designs are likely to continue rising in popularity in the coming years.

When it comes to surfer-inspired packaging, some brands go for a more direct approach. For instance, designer Grisha Serov created a sun care gel for men that comes in a surfboard-shaped tube. Similarly, the The Salty Dog Apple and Lime Soda features a van carrying a surfboard on its logo as a way of evoking sweet summertime memories.

Of course, some brands are drawing on surfer culture in more subtle ways. In these cases, there are no images of surfers or surfboards present, but the packaging designs evoke the same sun-kissed aesthetic associated with the popular water sport. Examples of this approach include Surf'n'Fries' California-themed to-go boxes, the colorful Flip Flop Wine cans and Beach Whiskey's sea glass bottles.