Surf'n'Fries to Go Packaging is Floral and Multifunctional

Fast food is meant to be enjoyed anywhere a customer wants, so the Surf'n'Fries to go packaging is intended to help support this notion.

Designed by Zambelli Brand Design, the packaging focuses on being multifunctional rather than just something to keep food fresh between kitchen and consumer. The packaging evolves to serve different purposes when received by the consumer. A section to hold sauces and a drink on the sides help to make enjoying the food without putting anything down an easier endeavor.

The floral and surf culture-focused to go packaging for Surf'n'Fries keeps up the brand's original aesthetic that's California-themed and 1950s-inspired.

The Surf'n'Fries packaging helps to identify a growing shift in the quick service restaurant market that focuses on scaling back packaging and focusing more on overall efficiency.