- Aug 30, 2017
These examples of experiential relaxation range from spa amusement parks to stress-relieving sauna pods. While Beppu's 'Spamusement Park' takes advantage of the Japanese city's natural hot spring water to create relaxation-themed rides, SaunaBar's SaunaPods offer a full-body treatment with the help of infrared light therapy.

When looking at relaxing vacation destinations or wellness-themed experiences, standouts include Lole's annual white tour -- an immersive yoga event which was recently hosted in Toronto, Canada, followed by Montreal. The event invited yoga enthusiasts to enjoy a day of group fitness, meditation sessions, and live performances while adhering to an all-white dress code.

Other standouts include digital detox camping experience like the one hosted by Hybrid. The company's 'OffGrid' events invite participants to unplug from their smartphones and computers, instead encouraging interaction with new friends in the great outdoors.

From Spa Amusement Parks to Stress-Relieving Sauna Pods: