The OffGrid Event Helps Participants Escape Their Digital Devices

Last fall, the event production company 'Hybrid' hosted a tech-free camping experience in order to help Hongkongers take a break from their digital devices. While some people would balk at the idea of two days without their smartphone or laptop, there is a growing demand for events and activities that provide a reprieve from constant connectivity. This event catered to young consumers who were looking to take a break from technology.

The OffGrid event organized by Hybrid was a two-day camping trip on Palm Beach, Lantau Island. The event helped participants detox from their digital devices by engaging both their mind and body. Instead of tech-oriented activities, participants enjoyed Muay Thai & Thai Boxing, dance classes, yoga and meditation. Participants also enjoyed healthy food and freebies from companies such as Reebok and Coppertone.

The tech-free camping event demonstrates that consumers are eager to step away from their digital devices and engage with others in more meaningful ways.