From Presidential Candidate Block Parties to Swanky Musical Events

 - Aug 12, 2016
From presidential candidate block parties to swanky musical events, these unique music festivals give consumers a whole new way to see their favorite bands and artists perform.

Some of the most interesting festivals are those that manage to combine musical performances with interactive athletic events. For instance, there are a number of festivals that combine short races with outdoor concerts for health-conscious music lovers. There are also less strenuous events that incorporate exercises such as yoga into the festival atmosphere.

Beyond sports, there are a number of unique music festivals that put a twist on the traditional outdoor concert experience. For instance, the Chicago Open Air festival includes performances by popular rock groups, as well as gourmet food and craft beer from some of the city's most popular vendors. Taking a very different approach, Beijing's Electric Lady Festival boasts a curated set list that only includes female acts.