The Electric Castle Festival Brings Modern Music to a Medieval Locale

 - Mar 16, 2015
It's not everyday that a music lover is able to experience an event such as the Electric Castle Festival. Taking place in Romania on site of a Renaissance mansion, it boasts both electronic dance music and live concert sounds. The juxtaposition of two very different eras makes this is particularly special event. Not to mention that the Electric Castle Festival gives tourists more reason to attend it.

Now with six stages and over 150 artists, the Electric Castle Festival has grown to a level that may soon put it in the leagues of Coachella and more. Specifically taking place at Bonțida Bánffy Castle, "the festival wants to be more than a concert extension and tries to offer a full experience to the participants by creating a mix between the unique location, filled with beauty and history, all day round urban activities," as written on the website.