The 'Solar Egg' Outdoor Sauna Uses the Power of the Sun for Operation

The 'Solar Egg' outdoor sauna features a gilded design aesthetic that makes it look like something of a mirage when set against the stunning Swedish landscape. Designed by Saudi Bigert & Bergstrom, the 'Solar Egg' sauna was developed to offer the inhabitants of Kiruna a place to relax, unwind and socialize amidst the changing landscape around them.

The geographical location of Kiruna is rich with iron ore, which has helped the town to maintain a strong mining community since the 19th century. As supplies require more aggressive tactics to obtain them, the fractioning process is changing the landscape and subsequently the lifestyles of the inhabitants.

The 'Solar Egg' outdoor sauna was commissioned by Riksbyggen and features a heart-shaped central heater, pine flood decking and wall panels, and benches crafted from aspen wood.