These Products and Services Aim to Relax and Promote Health in Users

 - Dec 24, 2016
Whether it is purchasing spa services for loved ones or ensuring that they gain relaxing experiences and procedures at home, spa gifts can be given to loved ones who deal with significant stress and responsibilities.

The Breo 'iSee360' is an eye massager that many people would find useful, considering how much time most individuals spend at their computer screens.The device works to provide a gentle or firm massage around the eyes that allows the user to relax and their tension to be released. The device also features a built-in music player that allows the user to play soothing music -- replicating the spa experience at home.

The 'Instashiatsu' also replicates the spa experience at home by providing a customized massage that targets the shoulders, back and legs. The device comes in the form of a sling and uses heat to perform a deep tissue massage on those who use it.