Halsa's #DigitalDetox Targets Screen-Obsessed Millennials

While most spas set themselves up as phone-free environments, HÄLSA is a spa in Vancouver, Canada that puts particular emphasis on enjoying a break from technology with its Digital Detox spa package.

This two-part spa treatment begins with a short massage that puts a focus on the head, neck and shoulders, all of which are places that collect tension with regular phone or computer use. Following this, the Digital Detox package concludes with a 90-minute floatation therapy treatment in an individual pod or room filled with water and pure epsom salts to help the mind and body naturally unwind. HÄLSA says that this treatment is "A true reset for the nervous system, you'll leave defragged and rebooted."

People who are consumed by the Internet and spending time on their mobile devices are turning to digital detoxes as a way to bring balance back into their lives, whether that means feeling better in their body, resetting their sleep schedule or being more present with friends and family.