- Jan 6, 2017
These Millennial nightlife innovations range from device-free dance parties to vegan night markets that target foodies with an appetite for healthier options. Keen on investing in experiences rather than material goods, this demographic is replacing traditional nightclub and pub visits with jogger music festivals and multisensory workouts that relate closely to their interests.

A notable example includes Gym Box and Stubhub's crowd surfing-inspired workout class that invited party lovers to get fit while having fun. Additional Millennial nightlife innovations range from secretive student concerts with an exclusive feel to coffee bar film clubs and even operatic beer events.

Immersive and dj-accompanied laser tag experiences and VR concert performances round off this list and are reflective of Millennials' love of events that are worth sharing with their social media following.

From Device-Free Dance Parties to Vegan Night Market Events: