DJ Piotr Bejnar Enhanced His Concert Experience with Wearables

 - Aug 5, 2016
Following a performance where DJ Piotr Bejnar put on his show in the middle of a crowd due to limited stage space, he was left feeling inspired to create a new type of concert experience. In this intimate setting, the DJ noted that he could practically feel the heartbeats of the fans that surrounded him, which is what sparked the idea for the 'Heartbeats Project.'

DJ Piotr Bejnar desired a new way to feel connected to his audience, so he and a team of friends created a 3D-printed wearable device that could transmit wearer’s heart rate to his laptop while he DJed.

The finished wearable is a Wi-Fi-enabled branded bracelet with a generous surface area that lights up when it is worn on the wrist. When the bands are worn at a show, Bejnar is able to see the physical effect that his music set has on an audience.