Skin Spa's Aqua Peeling System Sucks Impurities Out of Pores

There are removable strips, face masks and a variety of other tools that can be used to extract blackheads, but Skin Spa's 'Aqua Peeling System' distinguishes itself from other options that are currently on the market.

The Aqua Peeling System is an at-home vacuum that boasts a form which two chambers, which is comparable to machines of professional grade. One side is filled with an AHA/BHA solution, while the other is used to catch the solution as it is used, alongside any impurities that are captured in the suction process.

As it stands, the at-home spa device from Skin Spa is only being sold in South Korea at a price of about $200, which is about a tenth of the price of the commercial machines that are used in professional spa settings.