From Inflatable Cartoon Bars to Bottomless Eddy Illusions

 - Jun 24, 2017
Defining art can be a prickly challenge, so the June 2017 art trends are painted in broad, Picasso-esque strokes. Too often, critics (of both the professional and armchair variety) get bog down in referencing art as a matter of quality: truly bad art isn't art at all, in other words. This is an impossible distinction; art can't be defined by tastes, as any two people's tastes are too nebulous to agree on such a universal subject. Art can be anything made with the intention to express, from a painting or sketch to an inflatable pub designed to mimic the local from 'The Simpsons' (as is the case with 'Inflatable Moe's Tavern').

Not many are willing to go the route of the starving artist, so a fair portion of the June 2017 art trends are connected to brands and products. Much of the fashion industry combines are and commerce, and Rap Genius's 1997 Collection is no exception. The clothes, which are branded by the popular online lyric-analyzing site, contain references to the year 1997 AD.