Atrafloor's Geometric Line Consists of Abstract Cubist Patterns

 - May 3, 2017
References: atrafloor
As far as home decor is concerned, floors often get overlooked -- both literally and figuratively -- but the new line of flooring patterns from Atrafloor will make a home's floors tough to walk on by while they walk on over. Called the Geometric collection, Atrafloor's designs are illusive shapes that pop in the semblance of three dimensions without resorting to tacky or gimmicky techniques.

The boldest of the 3D designs in Atrafloors new line include 'Cube,' a series of alternately colored parallelograms laid out in canted cubic patterns, 'Fairground,' zigzagging lines that subtly shift in shades to give the illusion of depth, and 'Giants Causeway,' which lays out ell-shaped sections to look like sets of stairs.