These Fishnet Stockings from Lirika Matoshi are Crafted by Hand

 - May 12, 2017
References: etsy & dudeiwantthat
These fishnet stockings from Lirika Matoshi are crafted with a distinctly high-end fashion aesthetic that makes them look more like works of art than just a piece of hosiery. Coming in several different styles and design options, the opulent stockings by Matoshi are handcrafted in New York City and bring an artistic, ethereal feeling to any outfit.

The opulent fishnet stockings are outfitted with various jewels, flowers and other accents in order to bring a certain level of beauty to any outfit that needs a bit of a lift. The stockings are able to be purchased from Matoshi's Easy store where the offerings also include headpieces, chokers and socks to offer something for everyone, including those who might not usually wear tights.