From Novelty Candy Wrapper Dresses to Heroine-Inspired Clothing

 - Jun 24, 2017
These June 2017 fashion trends incorporate a range of styles that appeal to diverse groups of consumers, with everything from minimalist unisex apparel, to math-inspired streetwear included.

With prom season in full swing, many creatives have been launching unique dress ideas that will make for memorable celebrations. For example, girls who are keen on reliving their childhoods are likely to appreciate the Disney princess-inspired gown collection called 'Forever Enchanted' from Glitterati. Although the styles have clear links to some of the most iconic princesses, they're executed in an elegant way that increases their versatility and enables them to look sophisticated.

Another innovation within this grouping of June 2017 fashion trends is the detachable jeans that were designed by Y/Project. Unconventional in appearance, the jeans have cutouts around the crotch area that allows the legs to be removed, so that consumers can quickly transform them into shorts.