These Marvis Toothpaste Products Emulate Worldly Flavors

 - May 1, 2017
References: bigelowchemists & byrdie
Unlike most oral care products that are offered in tried-and-true flavors like refreshing mint or spicy cinnamon, the newest Marvis toothpaste products set themselves apart by taking inspiration from around the world.

Marvis recently unveiled its Wonders of the World Toothpaste Set, which includes uniquely flavored oral care products that take inspiration from far-off places around the globe. 'Royal' boasts a sophisticated flavor of zesty Italian lemon oil, rose, mint and tangerine, while 'Rambas' takes cues from the tropics with notes of peach, pineapple and mango. The third Marvis toothpaste in the globally inspired set is 'Karakum,' which is said to remind of "an imaginary journey across the Black Sea to Persia, Mongolian deserts and Eastern China."