- Apr 25, 2018
These food brand collectibles range from QSR streetwear uniforms to pizza-ordering parkas. While examples like Pizza Hut's fashion-forward and functional outerwear transform the way fast food is delivered and preserved, White Castle's collaboration with NYC-based streetwear label Telfar celebrates the burger chain's iconic branding. The signage is showcased on pieces that are designed with modernity and comfort in mind rather than being solely reserved for uniforms.

Other food brand collectibles to note include Doritos' limited edition Doritos rose bouquets, along with the brand's cheeky streetwear collection which celebrated the re-release of its Ketchup flavor. In addition, examples like McDonald's burger tins celebrate the 50th anniversary of the QSR's famous Big Mac sandwich while giving patrons a physical piece of merchandise they can take home.

As promotional merchandise evolves in the fashion sphere, food brands are taking note of Millennial and Gen-Z consumers' desire for exclusive collectibles. These unexpected fashions, objects and edible offerings take brand engagement to new heights while appealing to young audiences in a memorable way.

From QSR Streetwear Uniforms to Pizza-Ordering Parkas: