The 'KFO Drone' Package is the Latest Asia-Only Publicity Stunt by KFC

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: beebom & theverge
KFC's new KFO drone shows the company's innovation and commitment to technological PR stunts. Thanks to a collaboration with drone company Circuit Breaker, KFC customers in India will soon be able to order food and also receive a free drone. The package deal will be part of KFC's India-only Smoky Grilled Wings, and the drone components will be packaged in the box with the chicken. Once the drone has been assembled, it will connect to Bluetooth and can be controlled using a smartphone. The KFO drones will be available for just two days in late January 2018.

This it not the first technological publicity stunt pulled by the company, nor is it the first Asia-specific one. In the past, the fried chicken chain has released a video game controller, an Internet escape pod and even a limited-edition smartphone. These stunts often run in Asia because of the larger presence and image KFC has in this continent. While there is no plan to release the KFO drone promotion in any other countries, fans of the fried chicken chain are hoping for a limited offer in North America.