Burger King's Fun Toothpaste Flavor Mimics the Taste of the Whopper

 - Mar 30, 2017
References: bk & adeevee
Burger King France recently shared its newest innovation—not a burger, but a fun toothpaste flavor that reminds of its iconic Whopper burger.

Although the YouTube video was shared near the end of March, the release date's closeness to April Fool's Day sets it up as a prank product. This is supported by the fact that the end of the commercial is concluded by a disclaimer that says: "contains Whopper. Not to be used before 3PM. Ask your restaurant before using," in a way that mocks disclaimers that are quickly read at the end of ads for medication.

Even so, there are plenty of novelty toothpastes that have been released by other brands, designed to taste like everything from bacon and pickles to various desserts, so the creation of a real Whopper Toothpaste is also plausible.