The Nike 'Untitled 7' Shoe Concept Puts Cables on Display

 - May 8, 2017
References: yankodesign
The Flywire shoe design has been a popular aesthetic since it was unveiled back in 2008, so the Nike 'Untitled 7' shoe concept aims to help expand the design by almost turning it inside-out.

The Nike 'Untitled 7' shoe is the design work of Daniel Coric and puts the Flywire support on the outside of the shoe rather than hide it away on the inside lining. This shows the actual support that has been implemented into the design rather than simply stating it to the wearer prior to purchasing.

Aside from the exposure Flywire support system, the Nike 'Untitled 7' shoe concept also boasts a refined yet edgy sole and a zipped closure system to keep the foot securely in place.