- May 29, 2018
From doughnuts, ice teas and wasabi, to bridges, game consoles and renowned education-forward speaker series, there really seems to be no limit for unconventional shoe inspiration. Global and independent footwear brands are challenged with the extraction of an object's essence and its translation into a stylish footwear silhouette.

For instance, le coq sportif draws from the color palette of Levantine spreads for the creation of its LSC R800 'Hummus,' ARKK Copenhagen pays tribute to the city's famous Circle Bridge with its Velcalite CM H-X1 model and other non-footwear brands such as AriZona and Dunkin' Donuts offer their products as unconventional shoe inspirations to brands like Nike and Saucony.

If done right, the end result is successful in affirming that if one has a vision and creative design-thinking, even the most unconventional shoe inspiration can pan out as fashion-forward piece.

From Lobster-Inspired Sneakers to 420-Friendly Shoe Designs: