The Muji Hut is an Affordable Prefab Cottage

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: dezeen
Though small, the Muji Hut, a prefabricated house for sale from the Japanese architects of the same name, offers everything that a single person would need in a domicile. Available for just 3 million yen (or approximately $27,000,) the tiny, charred timber cabin includes a covered patio, sliding glass doors, a simple pipe stove, and electricity in it's 12 square meter space.

To be sure, Muji Huts aren't designed to serve as someone's primary residence. Because of their manageable price (especially when compared to a full-sized home,) Muji recommends that people use it as an impromptu cottage, setting up the wooden abode in natural environments that are sparsely populated. This is made easier thanks to the compact size of the hut.