The 'CYLNDR' Shaving Stick Uses No Lather and Ensures Safety

 - Apr 25, 2017
References: yankodesign
Looking more like a toothbrush holder than an electric razor, the 'CYLNDR' shaving stick is designed to incorporate the best features of straight razor and an electric rotary razor. This enables men to shave their face in one single motion without having to utilize lather or deal with cuts that can come about from using other methods.

The 'CYLNDR' consists of a blade that rotates to chop hairs as it is brushed across the face. This ensures that users will be able to shave their face far easier than with a traditional razor, as well as with an electric option that can pinch the skin.

The 'CYLNDR' shaving stick is the design work of Masamaro Fujiki and comes as a welcome albeit conceptual addition to the world of men's shaving.