The Pause Pod Provides a Private Space for Unwinding Anywhere

 - May 15, 2017
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Is it a tent? Is it a room? Does it matter what you call it? The founders of a relaxation 2.0 product named it the 'Pause Pod.' Pop it up anywhere and zip yourself in. Now, relax.

The Pause Pod consists of an all-black light-blocking material, which guarantees you your own stress-free space. The foldable leg compartment lets you lie down and rest those weary legs, you know, if you want to. Are you beginning to think that this private pop-up space will turn into a private sauna? Don’t worry. Fresh air will breeze through as many as three ventilation holes. And when you’re recharged, fold the Pause Pod down and take it with you anywhere you go with the included Pause Pod carry bag.

The inventors are a group of friends from Gothenburg, Sweden. The idea came to them after a stressful time at work and the need to completely relax for a while started to grow. And voilà, the idea of the Pause Pod was born.

And, there’s add-ons! There are three different add-ons available at the moment: Star sky, Tablet mount and Mini pause. Choose one, two or all of them.

On Kickstarter, the Pause Pod got fully funded in 37 minutes, which must be some indication of the need for a stress-free pop up space. Now to the most important question: what will you do in your Pause Pod? Nap, meditate, watch a movie or read a book?