These Introvert Gifts Include Novelty Soaps and Ironic Apparel

 - Dec 16, 2017
These introvert gift ideas range from novelty soap products to ironic apparel that highlights a wearer's desire for privacy. In addition to standouts like Anti Social Social club's streetwear, footwear and limited edition furniture, other favorites include noise-cancelling earbuds that help maintain a quiet atmosphere.

When it comes to workplace innovations, products to note include AMOS DESIGN's 'Santini Quiet Point' office cubbies -- providing privacy and helping those inside focus -- along with UPLIFT Desk's Acoustic Privacy Panels which are designed to create a subtle barrier between co-workers within a busy space.

Some other introvert gift ideas include La Marzocco's artisanal at-home espresso subscription, and Personalitree's conversation-starting boardgame which encourages shy players to break the ice with the help of fun and engaging topics.