Lockbook Protects Private Notes and Documents Through Biometrics

 - Apr 13, 2017
References: indiegogo & theverge
Computers, smartphones, tablets, and most other digital devices have been equipped with all sorts of security systems, but Lockbook is one of the first devices to bring high-tech security to the written page. The lined notebook itself is little more than a collection of pages for storing one's notes and thoughts, but its cover is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that keeps it shut tight unless the owner opens it up.

In earlier days, people might keep their diaries and personal notebooks private by simply hiding them or, in extreme cases, using a lock and key. But no hiding space is fully secure from prying eyes, and if someone manages to get their hands on the key, no secret would remain untold. Lockbook requires a fingerprint signature in order to open, meaning its owner and its owner alone has access to it.