The Helmfon Helps People Who Work in Open-Concept Offices

 - Jul 13, 2017
References: designyoutrust & cnet
The Helmfon is a helmet that was designed by the Ukrainian agency Hochu Rayu Design Bureau, and was created to solve the noise-related issues that can occur in open office plans.

Although most new offices are now built with an open concept in mind, studies have shown that these designs can have a significant impact on worker productivity due to a lack of privacy, and an excess of distracting noise. To resolve this issue, the Helmfon functions as a large helmet that offers both noise-cancelling and privacy enhancing functionalities. It functions as a cushioned helmet that can be placed over the user's head, and rests on their shoulders to give them the illusion of privacy.

Although its practicality can be called into question, the Helmfon is just one example of how brand's are trying to resolve the distractions that can occur in open offices.