From Track-Ready EV Concepts to Luxury Passenger Submarines

 - Jan 14, 2018
The 2018 auto innovations spread far beyond just automobiles themselves. Though cars are of course a crucial component of the innovations listed here, there are also plenty of interest and ingenious products related to bicycles, motorcycles, boats, planes, and more. In looking at autos, the scope expands to transportation methods as a whole, and the results in any category are equally fascinating.

As one might expect, the clearest common pattern across not just the automobile industry but every industry listed above is the gradual increase in electric-powered vehicles. Even planes, which require far more energy to operate than water- or ground-bound vehicles, are beginning to embrace the electric movement. The AJet-100, for example, is an aircraft design that uses a streamlined body and creative materials to reduce its drag and weight, allowing for electric power while in the air.