The Adventure VW Syncro Van is Prepared Offers Comfort on the Road

 - May 17, 2017
References: thesyncronicles & blessthisstuff
Purchasing a van and taking to the open road to explore has once again become a popular way to see the world, and the Adventure VW Syncro Van shows what's being created with a distinct attention to quality and power.

The van has been retrofitted with a number of modern accents by professional mountain biker Rob Heran who converted the van from the original T3 Syncro Van that it was into the home that it is today.

The Adventure VW Syncro Van was completely refinished with a new motor, new doors and a series of tech accoutrements. New seats were installed to ensure it would be suitable for sitting in for hours on the road, while an inflatable tent was also fitted onto the roof rack.