The Continental 'BEE' Offers Clean and Safe Passage for Three

 - Nov 20, 2017
References: tuvie
The Continental 'BEE' has been designed as an urban transportation concept that will provide passengers with a streamlined method of getting around the city that they live in. The 'BEE,' which stands for Balanced Economy and Ecology, offers space for three and can reach speeds of up to 60kmh with an average range of 350km. The vehicles are designed with enhanced safety in mind, while the intuitive calling service enables users to connect with them via their smartphone when needed.

The conceptual Continental 'BEE' vehicle also works to eliminate the congestion that will exist on modern roadways to do away with traffic jams that are seemingly ever-present in our modern cities. The vehicle also shows promise for offering a streamlined method of transporting goods around an urban location.