The TAXA 'TigerMoth' Trailer Designs Pack Ample Space and Utilities

 - Feb 13, 2017
References: taxaoutdoors & dudeiwantthat
The TAXA 'TigerMoth' trailer designs are intended to provide effective amenities in order to make them ideal sanctuaries for staying comfortable and functional when out in the wilderness.

Including the Camp and Trek models, the TAXA 'TigerMoth' trailers offer ample storage, a pull-out kitchen section as well as ample space for sleeping. The sleeping quarters convert into a functional living space when not in bed mode in order to make a great spot for relaxing, getting work done and much more.

The TAXA 'TigerMoth' trailer designs feature built-in electricity and solar systems that are designed to operate for over seven-days off the grid. This means that extended trips into the bush won't render you without amenities to keep you powered and cooking.