From Organic Astronaut Desserts to Flatpack Camping Lanterns

 - May 18, 2017
With summer-time upon us, these camping must-haves will make any outdoor experience one to remember. With innovative new products (from cooling campsite bedsheets to rugged bear-resistant coolers) camping in 2017 should be easier than ever.

With fuel-free lighters from Exotac, you'll be ready for an emergency. As the worlds smallest self-contained fire starter, the lighter allows users to create a sustainable fire in one hand. With winter camping hammock insulators from INFERNO, cold weather campers will never need to shiver in their sleep again. The Top Quilt is meant to be worn as a traditional sleeping bag but provides maximum warmth and draft protection.

Many of these products are made to improve the quality of comfort while camping. These camping must-haves work to make the experience more worry-free and to encourage more people to enjoy the great outdoors.