The Mizusion Saltwater-Powered Lantern Operates for Up to 80-Hours

 - Jan 27, 2017
References: japantrendshop & uncrate
The Mizusion Saltwater-Powered Lantern is an emergency piece of equipment that will operate using minimal equipment in the event that the power goes out. The lantern is powered by a chemical reaction that is created when salt and water are placed within the lantern. The interior of the lantern quickly goes to work by mixing the salt and water together with ambient oxygen and the magnesium power bar. This generates electricity to power the LED lantern without having to seek out batteries.

The Mizusion Saltwater-Powered Lantern will operate for up to 80-hours when a full amount of salt and water have been added to the device. The lantern is ideal for use in emergencies, but can also work great during camping trips.