From Small-Scale Synthesizers to Musical World Maps

 - Dec 23, 2016
The problem with getting gifts for music lovers is that if they're a really serious music fan, chances are they've already heard whatever music you were planning on getting them. However, not all gifts for music lovers have to be music itself.

The audio hardware items are a great place to start. When looking at headphones, there are two key categories: sound fidelity and convenience. The 'Even H1' headphones are great for audiophiles, while the 'Third Skin Hy' earbuds are so discrete that they're nearly invisible. The same dichotomy is true of speakers as well, where audiophiles might prefer a massive stationary sound system and music lovers on the move might opt for portable Bluetooth speakers.

There are also plenty of gifts related to music knowledge and culture, like Dorothy's creative 'World Song Map' or the 'Vinyl Me, Please' subscription service.