The 'Nalo' Speaker Forces Listeners to Connect with the Environment

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Technology and its attendant devices are separating many people from the environment that surrounds them, but the Nalo speaker system is a piece of technology that forces its users to get closer to nature. The wireless speaker uses burgeoning solar technologies and mechanical features to put consumers directly in contact with the outdoor environment.

The "stem" of the Nalo speaker is a rigid piece of plastic filled with "liquid solar nanocrystals," a fluid that produces solar electricity. In order to charge the Nalo, then, consumers must plant the base of the speaker in soil to maximize the stem's exposure to the Sun. The wireless speaker can then play music via a Bluetooth connection, just like any other speaker. Since it's planted in the ground, however, listeners are forced to lie down on the grass to hear their songs, further connecting them with nature.

The Nalo speaker is a clever use of technology to get people in touch with the natural environment.