From Egg-Shaped Camera Drones to Self-Assembling Smartphones

 - Sep 25, 2016
These September 2016 gadgets range from self-assembling smartphone devices to egg-shaped camera drones that boast a sleek and sophisticated design. In addition to memorable examples like MIT's 'Self-Assembly Lab' -- a specialized division of the university that is currently developing self-building furniture and mobile devices -- other standouts include smart basketball sleeves that work to perfect posture while improving players' performance.

When examining the food and beverage realm, these September 2016 gadgets include revolutionary food printers that are set to change the way gourmet food is prepared and presented along with message-engraving toasters that make breakfast a more fun affair for users.

Additionally, hyper-connected jewelry collections and digitally tailored clothes are making waves in the fashion realm and are fusing imagination with convenience in an effort to appeal to digital natives.