The 'Vibeat' Devices Translate Music into Vibrations

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: & dezeen
More "bodyphone" than headphone, Vibeat devices are a way for people who are hard of hearing to enjoy music through the sense of touch.

The devices are circular, wirelessly connected nodes that can be worn as necklaces, wristbands or pins and look more like pieces of jewelry than listening technology. Once connected to a music player, they create an "alternative sensory system" that translates sonic frequencies into haptic vibrations that wearers can feel. Different pieces of the Vibeat devices conduct different frequencies, giving consumers a full-body musical experience. Further, the devices are not body part-specific, allowing users to choose where they feel the music.

In creating the Vibeat devices, Israeli designer Liron Gino consulted with hearing-impaired people who had intense connections to music despite their impairment. This included talking with a club DJ with a hearing impairment.