From Digital Necklace Pendants to Emotion-Sensing Bracelets

 - Aug 22, 2016
As technology advances and can fit into increasingly small devices, tech-infused jewelry has become very popular. Whether it is through the process of creating designs or pieces that offer benefits outside of design, jewelry is increasingly becoming functional in more ways than one.

The 'Bisou Wear' is a digital necklace that connects to an accompanying app and allows people wearing it to determine the designs and pictures that they want the pendant to display. This unique technology gives people the option to match to their clothes or express themselves in a way that other accessories are not able to offer.

The 'Zenta' bracelet is able to track a variety of the wearer's body functions and social media accounts in order to determine their emotional state. Its accompanying app reveals patterns and findings to the user while also offering stress-relieving activities.