Miragii Smart Jewelry Will Project Your Text Messages and Incoming Calls

 - Nov 2, 2015
References: miragii & thegadgetflow
Communication devices on the market are traditionally limited to smartphones and smartwatches, but Miragii Smart Jewelry shakes things up by incorporating sophisticated projection technology. Rather than just alerting you of a notification, Miragii Smart Jewelry will actually project the message or incoming call details outward onto your hand to instantly see.

Able to be customized to your style wants and needs, Miragii Smart Jewelry features Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with Apple, Android and Windows devices. A built-in earpiece allows you to take calls without taking out your phone when they occur.

Elegant, refined and functional, Miragii Smart Jewelry offers tech-focused females a fashionable way to stay connected without having to opt for a masculine smartwatch or the like.