This Jewelry Line is Created with Wind from Geographic Locations

 - May 31, 2016
References: loveandrobots &
In an extremely unique concept, jewelry company Love & Robots offers the 'Windswept' collection with 3D printed jewels that are completely customizable.

The jewelry is created using 3D printing technology and is customizable based on the wind in the geographic location of the customer's choice. Customers can pick a pendant material online and then enter a location and date of a city and the pendant will move with the wind of the specific time and location that is chosen. The moving image is then paused at the user's will and is 3D-printed in the exact form it was paused in.

The 3D printed jewels could make wonderful gift for a significant other, as it can document the wind of many different locations on different dates around the world and become a romantic gift that represents a personal memory.