'Scandy' Lets Users Take Accurate 3D Scans on Their Android Devices

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: scandy.co & techcrunch
3D scanning and printing aren't new concepts, but not until the new beta from Scandy has that technology been readily available to regular people with smartphones. Previously, accurate 3D scanning required expensive and high-tech devices that were effectively out of the reach of consumers. Now, with Scandy's Android-compatible system, 3D scanning is as easy as taking a selfie.

Scandy's beta smartphone scanner offers two types of 3D-printed outputs: regular objects and "Scandy Spheres." The objects are 3D printouts of images taken with the scanner, popularized as "3D selfies." The Scandy Spheres, however, are unique to the company. The snow globe-sized objects are 360 degree images taken with the scanner that wrap around the entirety of a sphere's face.

Both the Scandy objects and Scandy Spheres can be ordered through the company's website after uploading the image file.