The Tape Printer Efficiently Fulfills Two Packing Tasks Within One Strip

Small business owners and vendors would benefit greatly from the Tape Printer in terms of time, resources and security. The concept product was developed by Seungho Choi as a way to streamline the process of preparing items for shipping, by applying postal and invoicing information directly to the packing tape. No extra paper or plastic are wasted.

The hi-tech tape dispenser is equipped with a small touchscreen display, enabling the user to see the details that are to be thermal printed. Names, addresses and customs information can be imported to the Tape Printer from one's own computer system via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

One easy swipe will safely fasten boxes and parcels, keeping contents inside and the elements out. When the package arrives at its destination, the recipient can peel or cut the tape to destroy any personal information and access the goods within.