The 'Bicycle Winker' Makes Cycling Safer with Clear Turn Signals

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: yankodesign
Bicycling at night is dangerous, but for many urban citizens who use bicycles as their primary means of transportation, bicycling at night can be a necessity; the 'Bicycle Winker' is a piece of cycling technology that makes the darkened roads safer for cyclists and drivers.

Even with all the legally mandated safety equipment for a bicycle -- a bell, lights, a helmet, etc. -- cycling still has a major flaw: turn signalling. The current system, where riders use one hand to signal left, right, or stop, forces cyclists to sacrifice some control over their bikes, often leading to accidents.

The Bicycle Winker is a Bluetooth-connected series of LEDs that replace the normal pedals on a bicycle. When cyclists push the discreet buttons on the ends of their handlebars, the respective pedal will light up and flash, indicating a turn.