- Mar 24, 2017
These modern garage essentials range from assistive automobile kits to garage garden pods that allow homeowners to grow their own herbs and vegetables, even during cold winter weather. In addition to a handful of compact and heavy-duty tools -- from escape tool car chargers to powerful standing screwdrivers -- other modern garage essentials include dual layer waterproof rugs that are ideal for those looking to avoid water and snow buildup during harsh weather conditions.

Additional standouts include space-saving bike racks that boast a durable and industrial design. A notable example, the Hide-A-Ride rack, is designed for tight spaces and hooks onto ceilings rather than taking up room alongside walls.

Anti-theft Christmas spotlights are another clever product to take note of and double as a security feature. Once activated, the lights resemble most other holiday decorations -- that is unless a stranger approaches one's home, ensuring attempted theft is deterred before it occurs.

From Assistive Automobile Kits to Garage Garden Pods: