GrayWolf 'AdvancedSense SE' Air Monitors Keep Track of Pollutants

 - Mar 17, 2016
References: wolfsense & envirotech-online
Growing concerns about indoor air quality (IAQ) has many consumers seeking effective ways to combat poor air, which GrayWolf 'AdvancedSense SE' air monitors help to do. A handheld device that can be used by professionals or consumers, the GrayWolf 'AdvancedSense SE' works by detecting gases, airborne particles and more. From here, the implementation of solutions to correct the problem can be added accordingly.

When it comes to IAQ, the parameters can be hard to understand. The GrayWolf 'AdvancedSense SE' allows users to test the air quality of each room in their home to see where purifiers could be used most effectively. Best of all, GrayWolf 'AdvancedSense SE' air monitors manage all the data collected to easily archive it for later retrieval.